Join the fight to pass tort reform. 


  • Polling shows over 55% of Arkansans vote yes when they know the facts
  • Voting Yes on Issue 1 protects victims from lawyers who take more than 1/3 of a victim’s settlement
  • Voting Yes on Issue 1 allows victims and families to receive unlimited damages for lost wages, medical bills and loss of property.
  • Voting Yes on issue 1 provides common-sense limits on non-economic and punitive damages
  • Voting Yes on 1 provides a check and balance on activist judges that won’t even allow the elected General Assembly and Governor to enact a law allowing a child who has been raped to have the support of a court-certified comfort dog when facing their rapist in court.


Join the fight to pass tort reform.  Follow this link or scan the QR code to request materials to help pass Issue 1.


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