2019 President's Message- Joshua Chance, MD
Joshua Chance, MD

Dear Members,

I am pleased to be writing you as your President. I look forward to serving you, our county and our great state this year. Not only is it an honor to serve in this capacity, but I am so proud to be a member of the Pulaski County Medical Society (PCMS), the first and largest county medical society in the state.

2019 will be a very busy year legislatively. Many bills will be introduced that are sure to have an everlasting impact on the healthcare of our state. Not all of these bills will affect healthcare in our state positively. No time is better than the present to become involved in organized medicine. As leaders in healthcare and our respective fields of medicine, we must stand up for what we believe is right. We must voice our concerns regarding safe patient care for the people of our state.  I challenge each of you this year to be involved. Get to know your Senators and Representatives!  Be a point of contact for them, someone they can call on for advice when they are struggling to make those tough choices about legislative matters.

During 2019, the society will continue to support UAMS medical students through the Carolyn Clayton scholarship fund and freshmen orientation luncheon. With the assistance of our PCMS medical student representative, we will continue to strengthen our support and relationship with our young physicians in training.

The PCMS will continue its monthly newsletter focusing on matters of local interest, as well as providing a forum for issues pertaining to the practice of medicine. We continue to offer service through the Pulaski County Medical Exchange, the only emergency medical answering service in central Arkansas exclusive for physicians, monthly Lunch and Learn sessions as well as our new membership directory smartphone app.  We also support the PCMS Healing the Healers Foundation which serves as a free, confidential resource enhancing physician well-being.  Please consider donating to this important cause.  Any amount is greatly appreciated. Lastly, we will continue to seek to move PCMS into the future, seeking out technological advances that continue to serve our members, such as online payments, while lessoning our mark on the environment by decreasing our paper trail.

Again, I am pleased and honored to serve you this year and promise I will serve you and our community well.


Joshua C. Chance M.D.