Our History

Incorporated in the State of Arkansas in 1866.

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History of PCMS

The Pulaski County Medical Society (PCMS) is the largest county medical society in Arkansas and was the first medical organization incorporated in the State of Arkansas in 1866. Few organizations have had the privilege of contributing to the growth and health of the community as the Pulaski County Medical Society. From poliomyelitis mass immunizations in the 50’s and 60’s to clean air initiatives in the 21st century, PCMS physicians remain at the forefront of local public health issues.

There is ample opportunity for participation in organized medicine through committee service. Physicians often move from positions of responsibility at the county level to state and national leadership roles. A significant benefit of membership in the Society is the Pulaski County Medical Exchange – the only emergency medical answering service in Central Arkansas that is exclusive to physicians.

The Society publishes a monthly newsletter for members. PCMS News focuses on matters of local interest. It includes a calendar of business and social events, introduces new members, and provides a forum for issues pertinent to the practice of medicine.

We invite you to join your colleagues by completing the enclosed membership application and returning it with your check for $175 annual dues. If you have any questions, or if we can be of service to you in any way, please feel free to give us a call at 501-687-0039 or visit our website at www.Pulaskicms.org.

Past Presidents of the Pulaski County Medical Society

1866 Lorenzo Gibson

1867 J A Dibrell

1869 Craven Peyton

1870 P 0 Hooper

1871 R G Jennings

1872 William Thompson

1873 C V Meador

1874 G C Hart

1875 David H Dungan

1876 Thomas Smith

1877 James H Southall

1878 Edward Cross Jr

1879 A H Scott

1880 J M Pirtle

1881 Jr R Coburn

1882 E Meek

1883 Claiborne Watkins

1884 R W Lindsey

1885 D J Prather

1890 L P Gibson

1891 R W Lindsey

1893 Edward Meek

1895 C E Nash

1896 A H Scott

1897 E R Dibrell

1904 S U King

1905 J H Kinsworthy

1906 L P Gibson

1907 Andrew Watkins

1908 John R Dibrell

1909 OK Judd

1910 M D Ogden

1911 Milton Vaughn

1912 J G Watkins

1913 Robert CaIdwell

1914 A E Harris

1915 J B Dooley

1916 H M Kirby

1917 R L Saxon

1918 Wm A Snodgrass

1919 S B Hinkle

1920 Robert CaIdwell

1921 Robert CaIdwell

1922 R F Darnall

1923 D A Rhinehart

1924 H A Higgins

1925 William E Jones

1926 M E McCaskill

1927 Anderson Watkins

1928 R J Calcote

1929 Homer Scott

1930 Pat Murphy

1931 Joe H Sanderlin

1932 H Fay Jones

1933 S C Fulmer

1934 A C Shipp

1935 Joe F Shuffield

1936 M J Kilbury

1937 Paul Mahoney

1938 R M Blakely

1939 George V Lewis

1940 H W Hundling

1941 F H White

1942 Grady W Reagan

1943 Alan G Cazort

1944 Carl A Rosenbaum

1945 J Nye Compton

1946 Hoyt R Allen

1947 R E McLochlin

1948 Henry G Hollenberg

1949 T Duel Brown

1950 Daniel H Autry

1951 Edgar J Easley

1952 Harvey Shipp

1953 Raymond C Cook

1954 Clyde Rodgers

1955 Edwin C Gray

1956 Ellery C Gay

1957 Jerome S Levy

1958 Hoyt Choate

1959 Robert D Jones

1960 Joseph A Norton

1961 John William Smith

1962 J McCollough Smith

1963 Robert Watson

1964 H Elvin Shuffield

1965 W Payton KoIb

1966 Joe D Calhoun

1967 Gilbert 0 Dean

1968 William S Orr

1969 Samuel Thompson

1970 Charles R Henry

1971 James L Smith

1972 G Thomas Jansen

1973 Winston K Shorey

1974 Purcell Smith Jr

1975 Curry Bradburn

1976 Amail Chudy

1977 F M Westerfield

1978 William N Jones

1979 Paul J Cornell

1980 Julian Foster

1981 Charles W Logan

1982 W Ray Jouett

1983 Kelsy J Caplinger

1984 Harold D Purdy

1985 Warren M Douglas

1986 Fred 0 Henker III

1987 David L Barclay

1988 Robert F Shannon

1989 Carlos A Araoz

1990 J Mayne Parker

1991 Ashley Ross

1992 R Jerry Mann

1993 D B Allen

1994 Joseph M Beck II

1995 John L Wilson

1996 Bruce E Schratz

1997 Edward H Saer III

1998 Marvin Leibovich

1999 C Reid Henry

2000 Samuel B Welch

2001 Anthony D. Johnson

2002 David E. Bourne

2003 Steven W. Strode

2004 Thomas L Eans

2005 Steven Magie

2006 R Lee Archer

2007 Jim M. Ingram

2008 Kemp Skokos

2009 Carl Covey

2010 Chad Rodgers

2011 Ashley Deed

2012 Reneé Montgomery

2013 Danny Wilkerson

2014 Tracy Baltz

2015 Lydia Lane

2016 Monica Dellimore

2017 Kristen Lienhart

2018 Amir Qureshi

2019 Joshua Chance

2020 Kay Chandler, MD

2021 Brian Wayne, MD

2022 Krishnappa Prasad, MD

2023 Nicholas Brucker, MD

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