Medical Exchange Board of Directors

President – Joe Pevahouse, MD
Vice President- John Baber, MD
Secretary/Treasurer- Derek Rudkin, CAE
J.K. Buchman
Melissa Graham, MD
David Mego, MD
Renee Montgomery, MD

About the Exchange

The Pulaski County Medical Exchange, established in 1963, serves physicians, patients and the general public with around-the-clock physician locator services. It was the first emergency medical answering service in Arkansas exclusive to physicians. Only Pulaski County Medical Society members are eligible for Exchange privileges.

The Medical Exchange is completely automated and computerized. All calls coming into the Exchange and all information collected from the calls are stored in electronic format. This gives the Exchange the ability to quickly and easily retrieve past call information.

The software automates the processes of tracking on-call schedules, physician contact information, call instructions to locate physicians, and special instructions given by physicians for certain time frames. All information is available immediately to all operators, reducing the chance for errors while locating physicians and for providing call back information. Exchange operators quickly retrieve history data on any transaction processed by the Exchange if an Exchange member has questions on a certain transaction, or needs information on the steps taken by the Exchange to process a call transaction.

Utilizing a computerized system allows the Exchange to offer additional services to members:

  • Call statistic reporting at the request of a physician or group
  • Call transaction reporting at the request of a physician or group
  • Ability to review and verify on-call schedules on request
  • Ability for a physician/group to send changes to contact information, on-call schedule, contact instructions, etc. to Exchange supervisor via email
  • Automated Numeric Paging for American Messaging Numeric Pager Customers

Fees & Options

Medical Exchange dues $85.00 per month (billed quarterly)
HIPAA compliant text messaging app for your smart phone at no extra charge

For more information contact Derek Rudkin at 687-0039, Email,