President's Message

2021 PCMS President, Brian Wayne, MD

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Dear Members,

It is an honor to be serving as President of the Pulaski County Medical Society (PCMS).  I look forward to serving you, Pulaski County, and the largest county medical society in the state.  On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank you for your support.  We look forward to making our community a priority.

The society strives to be actively involved in local issues. 

  • This past year we supported Safe Surgery Arkansas.  Scope of practice issues will continue to be on the forefront of debate.  This issue isn’t just about protecting our specialties, but also about protecting our patients.  In my opinion, patient safety gets overlooked.
  • We are striving to increase involvement in local clinics to help the underserved.  A donation to Harmony Health Clinic was made this past year  We are also looking for physicians to volunteer their time or services to help support these local compassion clinics.
  • PCMS supported the Stay at Home executive order, made a financial contribution to the Little Rock COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, and produced a PSA concerning COVID-19.

PCMS continues to work toward keeping our physicians healthy.  The PCMS Healing the Healer Foundation was established to offer free support and confidential counseling to enhance the mental well-being of physicians and students.  With increasing stressors in medical practices this service is essential for support.  The society was also involved in an event  on National Suicide Prevention Day and a Zoom panel meeting discussing physician burnout.

The society also continues to support UAMS medical students through the PCMS Carolyn Clayton Freshmen Scholarship fund, freshmen orientation luncheon, and student project support.  One particular project we continue to support, and continues to grow, is the UAMS LULAC Medical Spanish Course.

PCMS has a new website and Membership Directory!  We hope this helps continue to keep us all in touch and informed.  If you would like to stay better connected and informed, please visit the website and ensure we have all your contact information.  The society also is engaged with UAMS students to improve our presence on social media and look forward working on this in the coming year.  We should have a unified voice as PCMS and welcome active involvement from our members. 

Thank you for your support,

Brian Wayne, MD

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